Auto Tops Repair – Fix Car Water Leaks

Do you have water leaking into your convertible? If left untreated – a car water leak, a leaky sunroof, leaking trunk and/or a tailing leak can cause significant damage. If the water sits for too long in the car, molds can grow, developing bad odor. It can also rust floor boards, electrical features, and door/window machinery.

Locating the leak:

A wet carpet is not the only sign you have a leakage problem in your vehicle. If the water is dripping on your shoulders from a leaky sunroof every time it rains, then it’s pretty obvious to know where the problem lies. However, many car owners are unable to detect a leak until they begin to smell stale water and wet, damp carpets. Electrical issues with the car can also be telltale symptoms of a car leakage.

We are a reputable auto tops repair company and have sufficient expertise and methods to detect leaks in your convertible. We deal in both – domestic and foreign vehicles. If you are looking for an experienced and reputable auto repair company for your vehicle – look no further. We aim to provide our clients with the best service and the best products at an affordable rate. We guarantee the best results in all our services and total satisfaction by our clients. Read on to find out how we locate the car leak and initiate the repair process.

Diagnosis and Repair of Top Repairs/Leak Detection:

Conducting a thorough checkup of the car is the first step to take towards a successful leak repair. Our clients are often surprised to find the leak not resulting from an area that they thought it was coming from. Before making the diagnosis, our team of qualified technicians will dissemble the car and dry the affected area. Once the source of the problem is identified, we offer the clients an estimate of the cost it would require to repair the car. As soon as the client has given an affirmation to go through with the repair work, our technicians get right to work and try to complete the task within the given time frame.

Dry Car and Odor Removal:

A damp carpet can take weeks (and sometimes months) to dry completely. We use various methods to dry your car completely to ensure hat you recieve your car in a perfectly usable condition. A wet carpet can also result in bad odor and mold. We make sure to shampoo each leaked vehicle and spray them with an anti-fungal spray to kill off the bacteria that can negatively impact your health.

Top repair/leak detection is no easy DIY task. It requires a careful diagnosis of your car and repair to ensure that your sporty vehicle is as good as new for the comfort of both – the driver and the passenger. Apart from top repairs and leak detection, we fix and install new convertible tops, rear windows, weather seals replacement, frame work, and a lot more.

For more information, just give us a call or email to find out more about our services and/or to receive a quote for your vehicle troubles.