Auto Tops Repair in Miami

We are the best convertible top installers company in Miami and all of South Florida, with quite an extensive experience with both domestic and foreign vehicles. If you are looking for the best to repair your Convertible Top, then look no further. At Tops “R” Us we deliver the finest customer service with meticulous attention to detail, all with the best prices around Miami. Having an establishment that has prominent experience and knowledge is essential in ensuring that you receive the quality and professional services you deserve. We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with our services and your experience with our company.

Our Services

  1. New Convertible Tops
    We can replace your convertible top with a new one that will fit your exact requirements. We never compromise on quality, so everything from the materials we use to our work, will be top notch. You will have no reason to complain. If you are not sure about getting a new convertible top, we can advise you on what will be best for your vehicle. We also know that our customers have budget constraints so we don’t charge exorbitant prices for our work.
  2. Top Repairs/Leak Detection
    Tops “R” Us also helps repairs the top of your convertible. Our high quality work will ensure that once we repair whatever is wrong with the convertible top, it will look good as new. We have aftermarket pop-up style that come with seals that stop any type of leaks. If you have an electric sliding model, we have something for that as well. We can offer complete replacement if necessary so your vehicle can achieve that perfect look and performance that you need.
  3. Weather Seals Replacements
    If your old weather seals have worn out, then we can replace them for you at an affordable price with no hassle and top service.
  4. Motors/Pumps/Hydraulics
    If your convertible top is no longer working properly due to failed pump or motor(s), then you should bring your car to us. Also, most high-end convertibles today use old technology to seal the hydraulic cylinders and those seals can decay fast due to heat and water. We can help repair the motors, pump, and hydraulic seals of your convertible, at a price that will be within your range.
  5. Our other services include frame work, alignment and repairing rear windows.
    For many years, Tops “R” Us has consistently outperformed its competition. We offer only the best possible services and products at the best possible price. We have the highest quality of workmanship which guarantees the best results. We are here to help you in any way we can. So feel free to call, email or stop by the shop with any questions you may have about your convertible top and we will be happy to help you