Vinyl Top Repair Miami

A popular option on classic muscle cars, vinyl tops. Vinyl tops, originally designed to give the appearance of a convertible for hard-top automobiles, eventually became a style of it's own. There are a few styles of Vinyl Tops:


In this style, the vinyl covering is applied only to the front half, or two thirds of the roof, usually ending at the trailing edge of the rear side windows. The windshield pillars are very commonly covered in this style, but the C pillars never are.

Landau Tops

This is almost the opposite of the canopy, as the vinyl covers the rear quarter, or third of the roof, including the C pillars, coming as far forward as the trailing edge of either the rear or front side window. In common parlance, this was often called the "half roof," although logically that term could apply to the canopy as well.

Our staff understands that when it comes to your car, making it better inside and out is what you seek our services for. Our team can help you restore any damaged items, from minor leather and vinyl repair to re-dye of your upholstery to make sure it looks great. We aim to revitalize the interior of your car so that it brings you immense joy as well as comfortable trips. We specialize in the repair of the leather, vinyl, fabric as well as the plastic furniture present in your car.